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'Unschooling' - Home Education Group for:
Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Scunthorpe, Brigg


Mondays and Thursdays 
6 hours a week
Consistent Peer Group

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Driftwood Art
Outdoor Fairy Cities
Sunflower 1 - part of gardening project
Pebble maths
Eco awareness
Stones and minerals - Caves / Valleys
Remembrance crafts
Driftwood art
Mayor opens exhibition
Titanic visual presentation of learning

 'Project Based
Age: 8+

Project Based Unschooling rips up the rule book on traditional education
and blows open the doors of opportunity.

Imagine a traditional school where your hobbies and passions were harnessed as a key to unlock your learning potential.  Where learning was impossible to avoid as it was irresistible and you couldn't help yourself.  Imagine the public coming to see your work when you'd finished as you'd produced something freaking phenomenal.

Stop imagining and come along

Project based unschooling starts off with a simple question and over a period of weeks we answer that question and present our knowledge to share with others.  It is child led, self propelled learning with an adult on hand to coach them through any uncertainty and guide them towards new skills and concepts.  This is where adults step back from classroom type 'teaching' and children take the lead.  I have facilitated this many times, the end result is always completely unique.  As a group, the children decide if they are happy with what they have created and if they choose to, they will facilitate their own exhibition to show the world.


Group size - 12 MAXIMUM

Consistent groups to reduce anxiety and build relationships over time. 

Unschooling Session Details

Join me from 12.00 - 3.00 every Monday and Thursday at the Memorial Hall Cleethorpes.


Unschooling Session Prices:

3 hour session

  • £36 per week

  • £99 - 4 week bundle* 

*Early Bird Discount

Fully insured.  Enhanced DBS checked. QTS. B.Ed.

Home setting

Cleethorpes DN35 0PD

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