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Billy No Mates

So this is weird!! Every September since I was 5 I have gone 'back to school'. I have never ever missed a September without a pair of new school shoes or, more recently, a new outfit to brighten up my work wardrobe.

Not this year.

I feel slightly off balance as the rest of the world enters it's academic annual rhythm of Autumn with its' dark nights and Harvest Festivals. But that's all I feel. I expected to have FOMO and be riddled with curiosity about who was doing what and where.

But no. I wonder if after 24 years it all feels a bit 'groundhog' year? I guess I know there will be unsettled kids and increasingly stressed out grown-ups. I could probably write the impending conversation about who is doing the playground rota and who is a first aider this year.

So this year, I stand alone in front of my 'academic year' and haven't the foggiest about how it is going to unravel. All I know is that I want to be here and if that makes me Billy No Mates then so be it. Bring it on!

Happy Autumn Term everyone!!

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